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Default NSAC rejects application for officiating license from Big John McCarthy


Naturally, Kizer insists that McCarthy was not approved due to limited space and a large pool of applicants not personal ill will, and that his application is not denied just in limbo with the dozens of other applicants who will never see the inside of a Nevada cage.

Like the many fighters hes overseen throughout his career, McCarthy was gracious in defeat:

A license to referee or judge with an athletic commission its not a right, its a privilege. Everyone kept bringing up the fact that I wasnt licensed in Nevada, so I said, Alright, Ill apply. I have no problems with anybody in Nevada. When you do your job right as a referee, theres not gonna be a lot of people saying things. The sport is growing; the officiating is having to grow with it. The whole reason Im [back] reffing is because its what I love to do, and Im going to enjoy doing what Im doing.
LMAO wow,
I will say it right now, Kizer is a whore on Zuffa's payroll.
Denying his application because you have a lot of them? Pffft.
Get out of here, thats lame.
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