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Originally Posted by atomdanger
Hmmm, 43 feet?

that isn't so impressive.

Retics hit 30 feet on a regular basis, I've got friends with retics at 25 and 27 in captivity.
So if the world's current longest snakes are 30 feet (I believe the record is a reticulated python at 33 feet), that's an increase of about 40%, so the average height of a man is 69 inches (5'9") and if the average height increase were 40%, than would make the average height of a man to be 96.6 inches or, 8'1". That's a VERY significant difference in size and mass.

Plus, did you notice they estimated the weight of the snake to be 2,500 pounds? That's 1 ton more than the largest anacondas. That's a BIG difference!
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