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My name is Jon and have been here for quite a while actually! I believe i joined in November 2006!

I am 23, work part time for RBS bank, yeah the suckers who lost $8 billion this year, as a adviser on financial products but am a full time student, studying History which is something i have an absolute passion for. I seem to find there is always someone in the past who done it better or just some remarkable figures who i admire and respect.

Well im in my last 4 months and then its into the big wide world and will be travelling America for 2 and half months but more about that in a soon to come post!

I first watched UFC when i was 12/13 and me and two friends rented UFC 1 from a video store. As teenage boys would,we loved it. lost all contact with it until UFC 38 was shown on Britsh TV. I never really took it in but i remember some stocky, tough, confident fighter put a classic beat down on the slick Carlos Newton. I think that sowed the seed.

Well after findign the UFC again after watching TUF 1, i was in love again, bearing in mind, 14-18, i had been going Muay Thai and had enjoyed the physical contact and to enjoy getting punched in the face! So i just fell in love again with a new UFC that grabbed me by the balls. And when i come back to the UFC, one man was imperious! Matt Hughes. I loved his style, everything about him was awesome, i loved his attitude and confidence, and that i could in small ways identify with him.

So anwyay started collecting UFC DVD backward and thats why i love all the old school fighters, like Chuck, Matt , Randy, they're part of my generation if that makes sense.

Well anwyay, still love Matt, greatest UFC fighter ever and who'd do thought that the only Web Forum i use now would be with a bunch of Americans!!!! Ha ha

Fact is, i wouldnt go anywhere else!


Much love

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