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Jason 16
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Ive been doing bjj and jkd along with mma classes for about 8 months and some dumb a$$ kids come up to me and say O I heard you do Ufc well my responce to that the first 100 or so time is no I Do bjj and JKD and they kinda give me this look now all I do when some one that says that to me that I realy dont care about hurting there feelings I just call them an idiot right out and keep walking.

and now some of the same idiot for some damm reason feel like they have to act tough around me and some of them chalenged me to fight them(THESE kids are HUGE STONERS(at least most)). Iam like what the hell did I do to get this crap. the best idea I could come up with was to give them the gyms card and tell them show up and get your shot ...... no one showed up hummm.. not realy supriseing
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