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(HW) Tim Sylvia vs. Jason Riley
Riley said he’s going to put Tim back in a wheelchair - just like he was after the Ray Mercer fight. Tim said if he can’t beat this guy he should just hang it up. Strong words Tim. Riley said he would have fought Sylvia for free. Riley said he wants to put an end to Sylvia’s career, has no respect for him. Riley said Sylvia is not nice to the fans. He said he met Tim a few years ago and he was a d*ck. Tim is on a three fight losing streak. This is a must win. Riley is 6-1 coming into the fight. Tim is weighing in at 287 lbs. His chest is unshaven and he looks almost like the photo above.
Round 1 - Riley lands a right hand to the jaw. Elbow by riley. Tim lands a shot. They clinch up. Riley puts him against the cage. Knee to the body by Tim. Shots to the body from the clinch by Tim. They break upu and move back to the center. Tim is throwing that jab out there. Riley throws a big overhand right that misses. Riley wants that KO. Tim is doing a better job boxing. Leg kick by Riley. Nice left hook by Tim drops Riley to the mat, Tim follows him down and finishes him off with a number of right hand hammerfists. Tim picked him apart. Tim still hits hard. Mezger said Riley bit off more than he could chew. Sylvia landed 87% of his strikes. OFFICIAL RESULT: Tim Sylvia defeats Jason Riley by TKO (strikes) Round 1 (2:32). Sylvia said he’s back, he’s done with boxing, and will be focusing on MMA. His next fight may be in Japan. He thanked Bas Rutten and Mark Delagrotte for helping him train for the fight.
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