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Originally Posted by Blmfighter View Post
I understand. Can I ask why you set every page up like a blog. When not just make the main page a locked template with only the center section editable and then save it with the correct name? That is how I have always done it and just wanted to know why you do it the other way?

Well, almost since the site got started, we've had several groups of people who have volunteered to help get Matt's site running more efficiently, making more money, and producing better search engine results. For the most part, they have always told us that you want to have a consistent template across the site, this way people don't get lost in the navigation.

No one has ever told us any different, so we've just gone with that. Personally, I would prefer it if each section of the site had it's own look; but now that we're using WordPress, we're pretty much stuck with a standard template for now.
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