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Originally Posted by Champ2be
Oh yea he "owned" me How about you get to reading too. Really more of self ownage
I love how touchy & personal everyone gets when GSP & steroids are mentioned in the same thread.

I'm not talking about the whole argument, I was referring to the 2 posts directly before it:
Originally Posted by Champ2be
OMG! Cause Im sure you know all about the subject.
Originally Posted by Liddellfan
Actually I do know a lot about the subject. I reasearched and did a mid term paper in college. Also had a close friend pass away a few years back due to steroid use.
You claimed he had no expertise, he responded by saying that he had done research & also had a personal experience. In that facet of the argument, yes you got owned.

I haven't even bothered with the rest of the thread. It turns into the same argument that's going on everywhere else on these forums.
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