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Originally Posted by Liddellfan
Where do you come up with this stuff? Is there anywhere that I came up with a written theory or do you just assume this? I also never said there should be no testing, and to just look at someone. Maybe you should think about what you type before you type it and be sure it makes sense?
you are the one that said gsp and alves are taking steroids and hgh ... someone responded to you saying wow, you must know a lot and you said, yes, you wrote a college paper on it ... i said, so how does that make you an expert by just looking at people ... you said you aren't an expert, but you can tell by just looking at someone ... i said, why bother with testing when you can tell by just looking at someone ... if you aren't an expert and can tell, i am sure an expert could just take a glance and tell who is taking PED's ...

so i didn't make anything up, i am just responding to the crap you are spewing ...
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