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Originally Posted by NateR
Well, Earth is the only planet with intelligent life on it so I wouldn't expect it to sound the same as the others. Also some of that chaos could be the jet streams, which are just snakelike tubes of super-high-speed winds that "slither" around between the troposphere and the stratosphere.

Anyways, pretty cool stuff. Jupiter and Neptune kind of remind me of Aphex Twin's ambient music.

I think its interesting that if you listen carefully you can almost hear static, looks like each planet is unique in the sort of electromagnetism it lets off...

How fantastic is it though!!

I've heard of the Jet Streams...think of them like the gulf stream of the oceans. They are primarily heating and cooling for example, just as the heat from the gulf forms a stream of water then runs hot up the centre of the atlantic, so the Jetstreams can heat and cool from above

did you know the reason that England has suffered the worst cold weather in the last two weeks is because a normal Jetstream has...changed its direction? I was reading about it just today. Apparently a warm jetstream keeps the cold in the north...when the jetstream changes...the cold weather can just sorta float around and glide slowly south. Now apparently pressure matters and that can change these jetstreams and stuff aswell.

These systems are part of the planetaries homeostatic uses these things like heaters and thought is that as the heat in the atmosphere melts the icecaps, they release COLD water. The result of heating is NOT heat for the whole earth all the time. The cold water puts out the warm water going North...the earth is still heating, but the result of that heating is you the jetstreams will get things in reverse...sooooo when the waterlevel rises and the landscape changes and the seas volume and tempriture changes, it will have an impact on the weather and the pressure systems...

How can ANYONE believe a failsafe system like this is 100percent natural and not...designed?? Science might work on rules...but who do they honnestly think INVENTED those rules? What I like best about GOD is how clever he is...he's just so intelligent and so...creative...he acutually designs intricate systems within the Universe...VERY complex...nothing is overlooked...this is all quite apart from mankind....I think it pleases him, I think he honnestly loves to design and create and watch these mechanisms...just like a guy whose mad about cars loves to tinker with its engine...

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