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Originally Posted by NateR
I have a funny story from a couple of summers ago during Hillsboro's big Old Settlers fair. We were in the t-shirt booth and Matt was there and Robbie Lawler was hanging around that day, too. Matt was walking around and it was just Brian, Robbie and myself in the booth. Some guy walks up and starts looking at all the shirts and asks "So Matt Hughes fights for that UFC?" Brian says, "Yes, he does." Then the guy asks "Isn't that that fake wrestling stuff?" Robbie practically jumps out of his folding chair and exclaims, "WHAT?" Brian then tries to explain to the guy how it's not fake wrestling and Robbie argues with him a bit too; but you can see that the guy is not really buying it. Eventually he leaves, but it was just hilarious how Robbie seemed to be ready to leap across those table and tackle this guy to the ground right there in the middle of Main street, Hillsboro.

i have images if robbie leaping the table and gnping the guy while screaming 'fake this!!!!!'

so funny
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