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I was pleased to see Hendo win, he seems to be real tough to beat.

The thing is i have no doubt in my mind that he won the first two rounds, for me no arguement, close, but he just did seem overall the better fighter.

However, you got the feeling the longer it went on, the more and more Rich would dominate and win. So yeah defo agree that in a title fight, Franklin woulda done it. Its strange as Hendo, if i remember correctly was fine with Rampage over 5 rounds.

As he said he was disapointed in his cardio.

Now whilst i like Bisping, i am looking forward to Dan finishing it with a real good right he is famed for, and all that momentum behind him would make him ready to dethrone Anderson.

Lytle and Davis was good, just sad Lytle didnt take it. One of the many redeeming things the UFC does is look after fighters who entertain and come to fight and are well behaved. Hence the fact they always utilise a brilliant Chris lytle.

Coleman look emaciated at Light Heavy, i think he'll do a lot better at Heavy. Whislt Shogun looks distinctly average, i hope i get the see him at his best again.
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