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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN
Is GSP a good fighter? YES! Is he Matt Hughes? NO!

I have to be honest when it comes to the greasy GSP thing. When Matt Serra and BJ complained about it, I thought to myself, no surprise, just their pride because neither of them are humble people. But when I found out that Hughes said the same thing, that changed things for me. Hughes has nothing left to prove. He will be the Greatest UFC WW of all time! So for some people to say that MH is jealous or is trying to take a feather out of GSP's cap, is JUST RIDICULOUS!

I know, kind of makes me laugh, some Canadian guys on another forum I post on were saying that MH was jealous of GSP's success.
Kind of made me laugh seeing how he has a long way to go to even catch up with MH, let alone pass him.
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