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Originally Posted by logrus View Post
They say it has a star at its center which would make it a white dwarf not a neutron star. A white Dwarf is said to be a stars final evolution. Depending in the stars mass will determine its fate. In this case the stars mass was not great enough so during its next to last final evolution it became a Red Dwarf which after some reactions with the gases and due to other gases not being present it discharges an other shell leaving the White Dwarf in its place.
Oh, I was under the impression that was a Stella Nebula, not a Planetary one. I guess that explains why its not reproducing much

If its just coronal material as the star sort of drifts apart then its only really capable of forming protoplanets, (like it did when it was first blew out of the Stella Nebula that formed it) except without the gravity those protoplanets will just float away as asteroids I suppose. Your unlikely to get the gravity wells that would form other Stars from that.

You might like to know The Sol isnt big enough to truely go BANG either...although the Red Dwarf Stage will see the expantion out as far as Mars. So she will swell to pretty epic proportions..but not enough to I guess her Nebula will just be planetary aswell

Stars are just giant Nuclear Reactors, they simply go through turning all the fuel into different ellements until they run out of fuel and ellements to change. If they were small during their Green/Blue/White Stage then by the time they become Yellow they are only of moderate size. Some shrink and go cold and eventually go out. Some, are Red Dwarfs, they are like minor supernovas, but because its mainly the corona that gets blown off, they are only really Planetary Nebula. Others become Red Giants and eventually collapse under their own gravity cause the whole Star to explode and forming a Stella Nebula with gravity wells and new Stars...the original star has a core left...if this still remains THIS is what a neutron Star is. If that core has collapsed got yourself a black hole, and the Nebula probably wont reproduce quickly enough and the whole area of space will be sucked into the hole hahahahaha

I assumed I was looking at a Stella Nebula, ergo, since we can still see the Nebula...It would have to be a Neutron Star.

I didnt know it was a Planetary Nebula...coz I know nothing about the Star that formed it :'(

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