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isnt that the butterfly nebula? If you trace back the wings to where they would join the body, you'll probably find a neutron star...which is sometimes what is left after a Star dies. Large Stars get very big when the nuclear reactor begins to cool and they turn red. The larger they are the more indanger they are of collapsing under their own gravity, when this happens the core explodes under pressure, and the star tears itself apart, and the wings are the blow out of the stars inner material.

Now Gravity wells build up inside those gas clouds and spark new nuclear reactors which are the next generation of Stars

You can tell its relatively new because there arent many stars inside it or all around it yet. But when I say new, I mean millions of years rather then billions..and then you have to remember the light from the star is out of date by the same time it takes for light to travel from the stars orriginal distance.

They say it has a star at its center which would make it a white dwarf not a neutron star. A white Dwarf is said to be a stars final evolution. Depending in the stars mass will determine its fate. In this case the stars mass was not great enough so during its next to last final evolution it became a Red Dwarf which after some reactions with the gases and due to other gases not being present it discharges an other shell leaving the White Dwarf in its place.
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