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Originally Posted by Jonlion
Unlike most of the civlised world, i dont think the sun shines from Obama's backside and there are many things i remain sceptical on.

However if he is half as good a President as he is an orator, then America is going to be ok!

I knows words and cheap and easy but his speech was amazing and even me, and i have refused to get caught up in all of this felt moved by what he was saying.

I truly hope for America he delivers on what he says and that his words of hope can be a reality and not one huge fabrication.

Oh and i loved the Reverend Lowery's little part, and that Poet should be sacked! Did anyone else think it was awful!
I thought Rev Rick Warren did a good job, as did the Benediction Minister. I really liked john Williams composition of "Simple Gifts" that is one of my favorite pieces and I thought it was great! I think had the poet let someone else read the poem it would have been more effective.
I thought the speech was good, and I'm just waiting to see what happens. I've never really watched the who ritual of Inaugaration Day, but as a history addict, I really found it interesting.
I'll admit that I got a little teary watchin Bush fly away in Marine 1.
I know a lot of peopel are skeptical, but you know what? we absolutely HAVE TO BE skeptical of our leaders.

We shall see...
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
-Mark Twain

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