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Ok, I couldn't think of a better thread title,
but we've all met one or two in our day, lets hear your horror stories.

Literally yesterday (Feb 5th, my 25th birthday actually, I am old as hell lol)
I was on the bus in my Tapout hoodie, some guy goes "You watch a lot of Tapout?"

and the rest went something like this.

Him = "who is your favorite tapout guy?"

Me = "I don't know, punkass I guess"

Him = "is that his nickname? I like Rampage, and GSP"

Me = "Ohh I thought you meant the Tapout guys, the owners you know?"

Him = "doesn't Dana white own UFC?"

and some other random ramblings.
He was literally calling the sport "tapout".
He thought the sport was called tapout, wtf.
That was a first for me, I've had a lot of people call it UFC, but I explained to him the sport was MMA, UFC was an organization and Tapout was a clothing company.
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