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Default Random thought on GSP/Alves fight

For some reason, I got to thinking about GSP's opponents, & I realized something: for at least the last 5 years, they have all been grapplers. Look at the list:

Feb '09 - BJ Penn (bjj)
Aug '08 - Jon Fitch (wrestler)
Apr '08 - matt sarah (bjj)
Dec '07 - Matt Hughes (wrestler)
Aug '07 - Josh Koscheck (wrestler)
Apr '07 - matt sarah (bjj)
Nov '06 - Matt Hughes (wrestler)
Mar '06 - BJ Penn (bjj)
Nov '05 - Sean Sherk (wrestler)
Aug '05 - Frank Trigg (wrestler)
Apr '05 - Mayhem Miller (wrestler)
Jan '05 - Dave Strasser (bjj)
Oct '04 - Matt Hughes (wrestler)
Jun '04 - Jay Hieron (wrestler)
Jan '04 - Karo Parisyan (judoka)

Finally, back in Nov '03, you find Pete Spratt, who's more of a striker. Then you get Tomas Denny (wrestler), Travis Galbraith (wrestler), Justin Bruckmann (bjj), & Ivan Menjivar (???). So it looks like GSP has only ever faced 1 (maybe 2) legitimate strikers. I'm not saying that no one he's faced has good striking, but it's not their primary discipline. He's gong to have his hands full with Alves.
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