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Originally Posted by NateR
It's relevant because TUF brought in a wave of new fans who essentially didn't even know the UFC existed prior to the first episode of TUF1 in 2005. Matt was an established legend in the sport before The Ultimate Fighter even started. In fact, Matt had already made a name for himself in the sport even before his UFC debut. Which is why BJ Penn and GSP described Matt as their idol when they first fought him in 2004.

Those who became UFC fans in 2005, because of TUF, really don't understand exactly what guys like Matt have accomplished in the sport.

Even now, we still get people writing in to Matt's MySpace, asking why Matt's not in the UFC anymore, because they don't see him regularly on Spike like they used to. They don't seem to understand that TUF is just one aspect of the UFC which is just one organization in the greater sport of MMA. To them it's all TUF.
It really is pretty sad. I was fortunate enough to join up here once the TUF fever hit me, so I was well educated. However, most of my contemporaries are idiot.
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