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I saw a vid of Fedor sparring with Aleks. I can honestly say that he would wipe the floor with anyone, including Anderson if they were ever to fight. Fedor moves as if he's a light-heavyweight, not a heavyweight. IT's incredible:
sparring with your brother is alot different than actually fighting someone who you've never sparred with before. fedor may move like he's a light heavyweight, but anderson moves like he's a welterweight and sometimes like he's a lightweight. sometimes he even moves like agent smith from the matrix. best part is, anderson can move like that while weighing the same weight as fedor.

anyways, i really want to see fedor get knocked out. i like fedor, but i like huge upsets even more. i love seeing how a single upset can shake the entire MMA community to it's core. just imagine MMA news sites and forums the day after brett rodgers (a virtual unknown to most fans until he signed his fight with fedor) knocks out 'the greatest fighter on the planet'

it will be like the apocalypse, and i'll be sitting front row eating my popcorn with a smile on my face while the the MMA sites crash and come back with people going ballistic.

of course i could be wrong and fedor could zulu him, and in that case no one will be surprised because rodgers doesn't deserve a fight with fedor in the first place
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