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Originally Posted by Irish Pride
Many of us did not have the chance to discuss UFC 93. What are your thoughts.

Mine: I like both Hendo and Franklin, so it was hard for me to see Franklin lose. However, I do have to say I was pulling more for Hendo. I thought it was an excellent fight and would enjoy seeing a rematch as well.

For some reason I wanted Coleman to win. I was VERY upset to see both of them gassed so quickly. It's the second round and they are gasing? Very sad. I know both had "excuses." Coleman - dropped a weight class. Shogun - coming back from surgery and such.

Davis vs Lytle WOW is all I can say. Great fight.
Most went the way I figured.. But Coleman and Shogun both looked that they need to get in better shape.. Coleman is 44.. not everyone can be Randy.. but he did look good..

Marcus rocked Da House!!!!

I don't see how a judge could have said Rich won that fight .. all three rounds.. I saw Rich losing the first.. but winning the second 2 rounds..
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