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Originally Posted by matthughesfan21 View Post
I don't have a problem with fedor, but it would just be fun to see the reaction of the pseudo-fedor fans that have come out of the woodwork in recent years...not saying your one of them Mark, but their are plenty of them out there and they are just as annoying as GSP fans
Yeah, I've been a Fedor fan for a long time, and I'd hate to see someone who (like Matt is a good influence in the sport) get beat by a guy that doesn't seem to really have a great ammount of respect for other fighters or the sport in general. Matt and Fedor are both good spiritual sportsmen who also have a grounded approach to fame and a realistic view on what is really important in life. There are few fighters that I will always root for and Matt (of course) and Fedor are at the top of a small list.
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