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Originally Posted by Chuck
That's actually a pretty common occurrence with autographs Lil'D. It helps keep them from being sold on places like ebay. If you go to any sports memorabilia shows quite a few of the retired athletes won't sign unless it's personalized. I saw that quite a bit first hand when I was a chauffeur in Seattle.

On the flip side you have sports like tennis where the players barely even put a scratch on your item let alone an actual signature.

Of course it's possible Rampage is just a jerk too! I'm just tossing out another possibility...
I tried telling my Dad that, and he already knew it. He's been collecting memorabilia well before I was born. But I guess my Dad didn't like the way Rampage came off with it. He was saying none of the other fighters had an issue with it and Rampage was the only one to give him a problem.

So far, I've never had an issue getting an autograph done how I want it (personalized or not), but that's probably because I'm a chick.
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