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Originally Posted by Neezar
Fedor being with Strikforce has Dana scrambling to get UFC's onto network tv. Would that be cheaper for the fans? Wouldn't that be beneficial to the fans?

Do you honestly think PPV Fights will go away if the UFC decides to take a network deal? A network deal will allow more NON-Super fights on reg cable but the super fights will most def be on PPV. The real Beneficiaries of a major Network deal will be the fighters. More fighters will get to fight more often, and if that happens, everybody will be happy.

More orgs, more big PPV fights, more money fans have to dish out to see them. Sorry, but I don't see that will be somehow cheaper on the fans.

But yeah, nobody can touch the UFC now, and when they decide on a Network deal, it will be impossible for anybody to even get on their radar.
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