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Originally Posted by Josh
Yeah I posted this after the fight but was surprised to see that no one really agreed with me. Glad someone does. Karo looked like crap and basically did nothing.
I actually gave round 2/3 to Karo but agreed Karo looked like crap. The 3rd I blamed the ref for this bad round as those two were clinched almost the whole round and he did nothing to get them to work.
I would like to see a rematch,but I'm tired of seeing rematches..Let Kim face Yoshida/kos and let Karo face Fitch/Yoshida.
I like Karo,but I won't say I'm a huge Nuthugger of his I just think hes got alot of potential,but just seems content on not progressing his skills. So,hopefully being with Greg Jackson he will reach his potential or at least get near it..
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