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Originally Posted by David_Banner
Theres no such thing as easy money in my trade and I don't think Fedor is a piece of crap for not going to the UFC. I do however feel the "enigma" of Fedor has become so big that his management will probably dodge the UFC until Fedor retires, so long as they take advantage of Fedors market share and rape whatever Org he signs with. Keeping him undefeated and his management rich is the plan, it has nothing to do with "Fair trade" or bettering MMA". If you think thats the case then you are fooling yourself.

I believe that I said that even if it's unintentional then it is still benefical.

He's a fighter, not a plumber and the mantality you speak of I don't get. This isnt about companies, this is about fighting. His job, now more then ever is to be the best. Be the best by fighting the best. I personally want to see Fedor defeat everyone, but that won't happen if the business side AKA keeping Fedor undefeated until he retires, takes priority.

Is your job not to be the best you can be? His job is to market himself as a fighter and make a living at it. What he thinks is best for him in the business sense will not necessarily coincide with what the fans want from him as a fighter. I may think that to be the best plumber that you should work on the biggest(best) jobs. We know that isn't true. You can be a great plumber on a small job. Fedor's job is to keep himself making money and in the game. But I can understand that it would be hard for a fan to see it from that point of view. What we want as fans may not always be what is best for the fighters.

How you can equate Fedor being with Strikeforce as good for MMA fans is hilarious. Do I want to subscribe to Showtime and watch Fedor fight a guy that won't last a round with him? No. What about getting the Affliction PPVs? Were they any cheaper? No, what was the difference again? This whole Small orgs vs the UFC is almoast comical now because really, it should be "Millionaires vs Billionaires." Like the guy that owns Strikeforce mows his own lawn... Do you think he lives in a 2 bedroom house with one bathroom and 5 kids? Seriously, I'm all for Walmart getting hammered by good competition but as a MMA fan, I am perfectly content with 80% of my MMA viewing being UFC related.
Fedor being with Strikforce has Dana scrambling to get UFC's onto network tv. Would that be cheaper for the fans? Wouldn't that be beneficial to the fans?

Okay, maybe that is hilarious.
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