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Originally Posted by Straight Right
Well I'm glad to hear that you know exactly why Fedor fights. He must be a close personal friend. I'm sure the hoodies and T-shirts they sell off the Red Devil site must mean something else than "Fedor #1" and "Nobody Beats Me." If that's not a declaration that you're the best, I'm not sure I know what is. If you read my post I never said that the UFC had all the best guys or that any of them would beat Fedor. Mostly that the co-promotion sticking point is crap. I'm not a Dana nuthugger, but the UFC was the organization that dug MMA out of obscurity and made it is what it is today, so I'm sure why they'd want to sign away a percentage of their profits to an organization that really only offers one fighter they are interested in and that fighter is part owner of said promotion. I'm not talking about other weight divisions so that's not really what I was commenting about. And yes until every fighter is under same promotion you're not going to get find out who the best really is and all the other exciting match ups. The heavyweight division is thin for every organization, but truly after Overeem and Rogers there's not much in Strikeforce for Fedor. Barnett? He's an interesting fight and I guess he'll end up back in Japan where they don't test for steriods, but Strikeforce isn't based out of Japan. Jeff Monson? I'm not sure he's top caliber. It just seems a simple point of fact that if Fedor wants to cement his legacy and quiet all the talk, he's not going to do that in Strikeforce or Japan it's going to be in the UFC. You're spewing a lot of venum and telling me to think for myself is a pretty big insult.

Well, for one I never claimed to know why he fights,
but he pretty much always says in interviews he doesn't fight to prove anything.
So..... think what you want I guess lol.

Strikeforce and Dream have a deal to Share fighters, even if they didn't you should know that SF contracts aren't exclusive, so Fedor can fight Barnett in Dream if he wants to either way.

Telling you to think for yourself isn't an insult, its advice.
Again, you're saying Fedor should come to the UFC to quiet the talk and cement his legacy when Fedor has made it clear he doesn't care about that sort of thing. If he cared what people thought he would have come straight to the UFC when Pride folded.
It just get frustrating to constantly hear talks about Fedor proving himself, or Fedor needing to cement his legacy and blah blah blah. Clearly that is not what is most important to the guy, and not every fighter fights so American's remember them as the best.
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