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I am not sure who to believe. All I know is that as a Direct TV customer I cannot get Versus. They probably want to move Versus to their sports tier; that way more people will subscribe than now and they can get more money. I currently have their Sports Tier and will drop it today; there isn't much on it I watch anyway and I am pissed. In other words a protest.

Comcast is now our local cable company; the last one (Time Warner) sucked.
Because I can get Versus on that and spend $30 a month less if I don't rent a DVR I may risk the move. So going to Comcast and dropping the Sports Tier I will have saved enough to pay for a UFC PPV. So what do you folks think I should do?

As for Dana White and other advertisers, they should be pissed that their ads won't be seen by as many people. There's probably a breach of contract suit in the works.

Screw them all if you ask me.
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