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Originally Posted by Straight Right
I don't particularly like Mir but that's a fair statement. If Fedor doesn't have anything left to prove and wants to rest on his past accomplishments, then yeah he should retire instead of becoming "King of Strikeforce." And its true, even co-promoting (and yes I know Fedor is a part owner of M-1) Strikeforce in some way I doubt he's making more there than he would have in the UFC so it isn't really about the money despite all the B.S. I'm not saying that Brock would beat him or any of the UFC heavyweights for that matter, but we'll never know with him and M-1 hiding behind the co-promotion sticking point. He may be the best, but he's soon going to become an afterthought and irrelevant once he cleans out Strikeforce and has no one left to fight but B-level cans. Apparently he really doesn't have anything left to prove if that's who he wants to fight.
Fedor never had anything to prove.
Not all fighters fight to be the best, in fact, I have never seen or heard Fedor say he was the best, or ever wanted to be. To tell somebody they should go home because they do not have the same reasons for fighting that you think they should, is completely ridiculous.

The UFC is not full of top tier competition for Fedor to fight,
you can tell yourself that all day long, but it just isn't true. Other than Carwin, and Brock, who would Fedor fight? GG? Kongo? Come on... Those are much less interesting fights than Barnett (in Japan, #2 in the world), Overeem, Rogers, Werdum, Maybe Roger Gracie and Jeff Monson.

The competition is about equal IMO and I do not see where other than Brock people think the UFC is just filled with amazing HW's to beat Fedor. I also don't beleive you need to fight in the UFC to be the best. Look at LW, outside the UFC is offering much more competition right now than inside.
Other than BJ, who does the UFC really have?
Aoki, Hansen, JZ, Eddie Alvarez, Kawajiri, etc.. are all more interesting fights than Diego Sanchez.. then who? Maynard? Come on....

Do your own thinking, don't buy everything Dana White pushes down your throat,
I am pissed Fedor didn't come to the UFC as well,
but does it mean he isn't the best? Not even almost.
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