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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
(on Rogan)Mir says he is disappointed that Rogan was making excuses for Nog and why he lost to Frank. "Everybody has reasons they don't fight at 100% in certain fights". he says it's sad to make excuses
(on Lesnar)Mir says Brock made better improvements between their 2 fights than he did and beat himfair and square
(on Fedor)He thinks Fedor's management is to blame for his decision not to fight in UFC and be considered Best in the world.
In response to Fedor's feeling that he doesn't have anything to prove. Frank says everyone should wake up every day with something to prove. If you don't have anything to prove you should hang it up go home retire and disappear.
blah blah blah...
The funny thing, Rogan didn't make excuses, facts are facts,
Frank Mir knows he didn't fight the best Big Nog.
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