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Originally Posted by que
well sorry, i couldn't fit "the interviews says Fedor thinks he has nothing to prove and Mir replies thatís a sad state of affairs you should wake up every morning with something to prove. If you have nothing left to prove you should go home retire and disappear" into the thread title. i'm sorry i mislead you and and ruined your day. i hope you can forgive me for this awful sin and atrocious mistake i have committed. and you're right it is a slight insult towards fedor and that is why i put it in the title so deal with it home slice.

You might wanna wind your neck in there mate at no point did I have a go at you or say it was a ridiculous post. Just thought it was phrased to make Mir look worse than the actual Interview did as is so often the case.

Your massive over reaction is equal parts funny and sad though
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