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Default Karo / Kim

Wow, horrible decision. Very horrible.

Round 1.
Kim TD at 440, into Karo's guard, back up. 207 Kim armbar attempt.
Karo ends up on top, Kim goes for a triangle, Kim to Karo's back again.
Clinch to end.

Round 2.
Striking = clinch to the cage. Kim TD at 412, Karo Kimura attempt. 240 Karo TD,
up at 220, some striking, round ends.

Round 3.
Clinch, Kim TD at 230ish, Karo throws illegal kick to the face, very clearly.
No point taken (for some odd reason).
Kim stays in control, Karo stops TD by fence grab, ref doesn't notice.
I don't see how if you saw the fight round 1 was even a debate.
So I assume the debate is over round 3, because Karo did well in round 2.
I thought Kim was in control, did more, was more aggressive, etc..
I don't see how anybody could give Karo round 1 or 3.
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