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Default Diaz / Guida

Alright, this is entirely my opinion, but I do have some facts mixed in.

Round 1.
Clay failed TD, Nate pulled guard, then Nate completely won the striking.
Guida Slams Nate, but can never keep him down, Nate finishes the round striking.

Round 2.
Strikes, Nate sweeps, Clinch, Nate winds up on top about 230.
Back up, 130 Nate gets a sweep, 120 Nate gets 3rd sweep of the round, triangle attempt.
Nate also had 2 Kimura attempts in the 2nd.

Round 3.
Striking, 400 clinch, Diaz controlling.
Diaz dominating the striking again, clinch at 250, 155 Nate TD, back up,
clay gets a TD, they clinch and stay pretty boring, fight ends.
I just don't see where Guida won that fight, at all.
He didn't try to finish, he held on around Nate's body a lot, got some TD's.

I give it to Nate.
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