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I mention this in my recap video.

I think it was the honourable thing to do. I wouldnt blame fighters for quiting because of injury, but in the same way as a doctor stoppage, the problem is the fight is not really won or lost by anyone. If you withdraw, you also take away your opponents ability to win legitamatley. Now if you are forced to withdraw because the doctor says so, then fair enough, or if you cant handle the pain and worry about further injury, then fair enough. BUT if you can muster the strength to go back into battle for a few moments, and get properly defeated, then you allow your opponent to get the win that he deserves.

Its kinda the similar philosophy behind why Leben probably didnt tap out to the choke but chose instead to go under, though I dissagree with that as I believe a tap is good enough of a submission and fighters shouldnt go any further.

But I said the same with the BJ Penn/Sean Sherk match, that Sean should have come out and been finished and not quit between rounds...its not a capital offense, but its mega honour and heart to do what Ed Herman did. You know I actively disliked him before...but after that display, I'm interested in finding out more.
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