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Originally Posted by matthughesfan21
either that or dana is in his ear...It is fishy that several ufc fighters are sort of putting down fedor

Well, people are pissed. Fedor Inc ducked the UFC in favor of easy money and easy fights. People see that as weakness, and its apparent Fedors management is terrified of lossing their cash cow in the shuffle of the UFC, most notably with Brock. I love Fedor a lot, seriously, but as a fan of MMA, I am disgusted with his management. They are cockroaches.

I want MORE people to call Fedor Inc. out on that crap because really, thats what needs to happen. They are looking for easy money, and that pathetic behavior should not be rewarded, not when the end result will be the destruction of Fedors legacy, which deserves to be remembered as the greatest of all time, not "the guy that was scared of the UFC".
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