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Originally Posted by Tyburn
I have a question for everyone that I want them to take very seriously.

Has Randy Couture found the same thing that allows those REALLY old Oriental Purists to fight into extreme old he heading for an early death by heart attack?

because its one or the other IMHO...lots of athletes eventually die of heart attacks because they have put so much strain on their hearts...but in the Orient there are tales of Grand Masters of Martial Art Dojos living and fighting into their 80s and 90s

I just wondered which one you think it is with Randy If Last night was anything to go by then noone can claim he's slowing down, yet at his age we all know he naturally should be. thats why I ask

I think Randy has indeed found a place that most people, at any age, can only dream of. When it comes to his health, one must remember Randy isnt that kind of person that eats a lot of crap but works out religiously. His diet is so fine tuned with only the simple/basic food groups that even now at 46, is healthier then most people half his age.

That said, I personally don't think Randy was at 100% last night. He showed incredible resilience but is timing was off, most notably when it came to his countering.
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