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I just got home from the event, woot woot.
Doors opened at four, the first fight was at 430.

Rose Garden at 3ish.

Nogueira / Randy Coture = I got so many dirty looks for cheering when Randy was losing, but wow, GREAT FIGHT. I don't know how it sounded to you guys watching the PPV view, but I couldn't even hear Buffer when Randy was in the cage before the fight. I mean, it was nuts......
Thiago Silva / Keith Jardine = Jardine was twitching on the ground, out cold.....
Nate Marquardt / Demian Maia = Maia joined the AA club, wtf was he doing a weird jump kick mixed with some drop your hands?
Brandon Vera / Kryzsztof Soszynski = Neither of these two impressed me.
Jake Rosholt / Chris Leben = NICE, the crowd was pissed, but I thought Rosholt looked pretty good.
Aaron Simpson / Ed Herman = Herman just got outclassed, sucks he fell on his knee wrong.
Gabriel Gonzaga / Chris Tuchscherer = Chris took a nut shot at the start of the first and took his whole 5 minute break, even convulsions on the ground and asking for a puke bucket, the crowd booed.
Mike Russow / Justin McCully = What was with McCully? The doc almost stopped it because he couldn't stand after the first round.
Todd Duffee / Tim Hague = WOW, nice nice
Mark Munoz / Nick Catone seemed like a bad decision.
Evan Dunham looked good, but Marcus looked bad to me, other than in the 3rd.
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