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the results so far al la Sherdog.

Marcus Aurelio vs. Evan Dunham
Round 1
The fighters touch gloves as round one begins. Dunham comes out southpaw and lands a right hook that Aurelio shrugs off. Dunham is controlling the pace in the stand-up, avoiding Aurelio's shots and landing counterpunches. Midway through the round, Dunham lands a hard left hand, and Aurelio is in big trouble. Dunham follows up and tries to finish, but Aurelio holds on and survives. Dunahm stands up, and referee Shawn Gregory instructs Aurelio to join him. Dunham is continually stuffing Aurelio's shot attempts and is finding a home for his left straight. Sherdog scores the first round 10-8 for Dunham.

Round 2
Evan Dunham edged Marcus Aurelio.Aurelio shoots in to begin the second frame, but is again stuffed. Dunham begins to mix up his striking, landing inside leg kicks. With four minutes to go, Aurelio finally scores a takedown and begins to land shots to Dunham's head from the half guard. Dunham escapes to his feet quickly, and is struck with an accidental eye poke shortly thereafter. Aurelio is now moving forward and throwing bombs. Both fighters are swinging with bad intentions. Dunham circles to his left and lands a flying knee as the crowd cheers the local fighter on. With 90 seconds left, Aurelio lands a right and pushes Dunham up against the fence. With the takedown again averted, both fighters exchange in the center of the cage as the horn sounds. 10-9 Dunham.

Round 3
Aurelio immediately shoots in and secures a double leg, landing shots from Dunham's full guard against the fence. Aurelio lands an elbow from the top, bloodying Dunham's nose. Dunham escapes to his feet, but Aurelio is still in control, holding on to an anaconda choke. Aurelio flips his opponent over his head, and the fight looks to be close to a finish, but Dunham again escapes to his feet as the crowd erupts. Time on the feet is short, however, as Aurelio shoots and scores another takedown. Dunham has none of it, though, and gets back to his feet once again. Both fighters look weary as they trade shots, with Dunham getting the better of the exchanges. Dunham throws Aurelio off with 20 seconds remaining, and lands several hard shots as the fight comes to a close. scores the round 10-9 Aurelio. scores the fight: 29-27 Dunham.

Official judges:
29-28, 28-29 and 30-27. The judges score a split decision for Evan Dunham.

Mark Munoz vs. Nick Catone
Round 1
Munoz clinches right off the bat, but Catone pushes him up against the cage and lands a nice combination that stuns Munoz. Munoz shoots and looks to have the takedown, but Catone scrambles back to his feet almost immediately. Munoz with a good knee from the clinch along the cage. Munoz lands an inadvertent low blow while attempting an inside leg kick. Catone is given time to recover and after a minute or so is ready to go. Catone gets a takedown off the restart and winds up in side-control. He knees to the body of Munoz, who attempts to wriggle free. Munoz slips out the back door and pounds a pair of big rights to Catone's head. Catone gets to his feet, but is slammed back to the mat from a rear body-lock. Catone gets back to his feet once again. Munoz ducks under for a quick double, but gives up on it and the fighters clinch. Munoz lands a nice knee before being tripped to the mat as the horn sounds to end the first round. scores the round 10-9 for Catone by a razor thin margin.

Round 2
Mark Munoz decisioned Nick Catone.Catone hits another takedown about 30 seconds into the second frame. He quickly moves to north-south position and then tries to take Munoz back as he stands. Munoz escapes to his feet and pushes Catone against the cage. He gets a body-lock and repeatedly tries to sink Catone to the mat. Catone has none of it, working his way clear of Munoz grasp. Catone stuns Munoz with big right, but the former Oklahoma State wrestler shakes it off. Munoz clinches up along the cage once again, but he is having problems keeping Catone under control. Catone's right hand finds its mark once again, but Munoz keeps moving forward. The round closes with Munoz searching for a guillotine choke, but Catone keeps him at bay until the