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Originally Posted by StizzoFoShizzo
At Thursday's pre-fight press conference for UFC 102, UFC President Dana White clarified his position on what has seemed to be a new target of wrath in Strikeforce.

"I'm not anti-Strikeforce," White said. "I don't dislike those guys. I dislike Showtime. That's who I dislike."

"I don't like them. I don't like their attitude. They think they're better than they really are. They've been second-rate at boxing. They've been second-rate at programming, and now they think they're great at mixed martial arts. My fight is with them, not with Strikeforce."

Showtime, of course, is the broadcasting partner for Strikeforce, and was a key figure in the acquisition of Fedor Emelianenko. White continued to bury Showtime's fight sport history, saying "They got their ass kicked always by HBO at boxing, yet they tried to stay in it. They got their ass kicked with HBO in programming, and they’re still around. Their going to get their ass kicked in mixed martial arts too. Just not by HBO."

The last sentence rules out the other major premium cable channel as a potential new broadcaster White hinted at when discussing a third November event in the works with B.J. Penn vs. Diego Sanchez set to headline. That has lead to speculation of an impending, and long awaited, network television deal coming to fruition.
Second rate programming? DW is sure being nice. I would put them lower then info commercials.
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