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Originally Posted by Krupp
I think Mir's head's still feeling the effects of Brock's hammer blows...

If the fight goes to the ground, Fedor doesn't need to get back up. He'll just slap that infamous armbar of his on Brock and win that way. You really can't faze him or scare him with a vicious ground and pound assault. I honestly wish I could say otherwise, because I'd really love to see someone challenge Fedor, but I think this is the truth.
Totally disagree... I've said a few dozen times on here that styles make fights... I think Brock (who I can't stand) would take Fedor. Do you remember what Hong Man Choi (sp?) did to Fedor on the ground? Fedor couldn't deal with his size and strength. Fedor was getting tagged left and right... Brock, like him or not, could probably control anybody on the ground... his sub defense is getting better... I think he could take Fedor on the ground.
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