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Default Mir: Lesnar would crush Fedor

Wow, I really never thought I'd hear that coming from Mir of all people. He's obviously got a lot of respect for Brock's abilities.

Mir: Lesnar would crush Fedor

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir has, for the most part, kept quiet following his loss to current champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 100, but Mir recently spoke with Xtreme Radio about the loss to Brock, his potential fight with Cheick Kongo, and how he thinks Fedor would fare against Lesnar. Though we may never see the fight take place, Mir was asked if he thought Fedor Emelianenko could beat Brock Lesnar. "In a cage no. In a boxing ring, possibly," said Mir. Mir also outlined why he doesn't think Fedor would be too successful in the UFC. "In a boxing ring, when you're taken down, you can scoot from under the ropes, you can survive. In a cage, you better be able to get back up, or you're gonna get crushed. He would get crushed against Brock."
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