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Awesome sauce! I seriously think this would be a great fight & I'd love to see it on network TV, it'd be fantastic.

Just a thought on the network TV situation: Dana has said for awhile that he'd love to revive the old Tusday Night Fights like boxing used to have, but that there's not enough talent for it. I have an idea: why not just do live TUF fights? Sure, it'd take 13 weeks to shoot instead of 6, but the fights & results would be live, you wouldn't have to worry about leaked spoilers & you could have a revolving door. Just run a series of tournaments, starting with LW & working up. Once you get the LWs cast, start auditioning for WWs, etc. The first episode you have the coaches pick who fights, then at the end of each fight, you have them pick the next week's fight. The guys get more time to prepare & the editors have 6 days to start working the footage into a show. It'd force them to spend more time focusing on training instead of house drama because they wouldn't be able to splice together a collage of antics for each show.
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