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Originally Posted by GnP
nope, no doubt he will win but he spends more time off or fighting cans than he does proving himself anymore, at least affliction gave us a brief demonstration of what people rave about. However when that died he once again had the chance to fight in the only org that matters but passed it up AGAIN due to yet more stupid co-promotion ideas.

Fedor v Brock or Randy has somewhat more clout that Rogers in my opinion.
Well, I'll be rootin for Fedor,but I won't write off Rogers from winning with his KO power and size advantage. I don't know if UFC is the only org. that matters,well maybe too u,but I do like Strikeforce and would be nice if I could watch more of it(darn no Showtime).
At this stage of the game I don't know if I value a Fedor/Randy fight as I used to,but I still wanna see Fedor/Brock,Fedor/Mir,Fedor/GG,Fedor/CC II.
I wish he would of come to the UFC,but it just isn't meant to be so we just move on and deal. I just don't think Fedor cares about legacy and all that as we all do and what he thinks about it is all that matters.
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