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Originally Posted by Chuck
Dave you obviously put a lot of effort into that so I shall refrain from any silly remarks

I didn't read it all due to length.... but it looked very well thought out.
its bassically the office of Evensong, with a few added extras

For example, The Surmon is in the wrong place for the office, but the right place for a mass, There is one to many readings for an office, but the right ammount for the common worship style of Mass. A lot of the prayers are 1662 Book of Common Prayer, I've swapped the collect of the Day for the Collect and Prayer of Saint Michael because he is my Patron Saint.

I've shortened the comittle because half the funeral senatances were sung by the Choir and dont need to be repeated. The Passages are sacred to me, as is the choice of psalm, and the inclusion of the National Anthem as I am a royalist.
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