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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
Agreed.. but who else it even close to his skill set?

Koz? hardly...
Karo?? As much as I like him.. no freakin' way...

I don't see ANYONE.. in the UFC that can meet Matt Hughes in all areas.. personality.. being fan friendly.. and such.

While GSP may be a great fighter... yeah.. he is not of the caliber of Da Hughes.. as yet and if this turns out to be true.. he could win fifty more fights in a row.. and still not measure up.
Nailed it again (you're on point in this thread, performance enhancing typing substances maybe ). That's why I'm a Hughes fan - great fighter to be sure, but fighting is secondary to who he is as a man of God, husband, father, farmer (not my deal but us city boys appreciate the good food the heartland provides ), and many other areas we should all strive to be great in. There's lots of great athletes who fall apart when the game ends/are jerks off the field - Matt Hughes is not one of those guys, and it's appreciated to be sure
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