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Originally Posted by Neezar
No, your death is the finale to this life and the start of your new one. Your actual death is your closure here. Your funeral is closure for the ones you leave behind.

And providing the money to pay for it isn't that bad but I think the loved ones actually benefit from having to make the arrangements. Is it easy? No, but none of life's most important lessons are. Doing that and going thorough the motions forces loved ones to accept and deal with the death. It is actually healthy, IMO.
There are plenty of things they can do, besides planning a funeral, thats really something that virtually doesnt get planned, its a pre-prepared Service almost.

Besides I'm not as close to the rest of my family as you might think. I cant leave planning a memorial service of my life to them. They wouldnt know where to begin and they wouldnt get it right. be fair, the ones I leave behind are unlikely to be very close. The chances are high that the only core family to attend my Funeral will be my two Sisters. You seem to be very short in remembering that as I grow old I shall only get more and more alone.

My Grandparents will die, my Parents will die, my sisters will marry and have Children. So when I die, it will only be "closure" for two Sisters...the rest wont need closure, because they will have already died more then likely.

If I'm really old, the chances are I might outlive a sister, and the other might be too old to travel.

Also...unlike the majority of the rest of you, I dont get to have a "big day" I am barred from marriage, so my Funeral is about the only thing, major liturgical event I CAN plan.

So...with that settled. I'll lay out the Funeral Service for you to see
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