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Originally Posted by Chuck
Most people when planning their funeral tend to think about themselves... they pick out songs they like, flowers they like etc... they make it all about them... they think it's their last "hurrah"... I think that's selfish. YOU don't have to. You can think anything you want... it's a big world.. there is room in it for more then one opinion.
Chuck...when you go married...did you let your family choose the songs and stuff?

A funeral is even MORE personal then a also dont take into consideration the fact that not all familes are Christian...supposeing the Christian Dies and the family decide they want a Humanist Funeral?? Would that be okay by you? what about those families with an air of estrangement?


It is my funeral, and it will be planned out and had better go exactly as I want it, because the Funeral is the Finale to my Life. It gives an important START to something new. Its a Journey and it should reflect a Journey, and mine does...when I get back from the gym I shall share with you all, my plans
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