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Originally Posted by NateR
It's actually not a surprise from some of them. We've had this problem before and it's almost always when GSP comes into the picture.

GSP fans are a strange breed, you not only have to say that you like GSP, you have to say that he's the greatest UFC fighter ever, he's an expert at all aspects of MMA, and he's the future of the sport. If you don't, then you're just a hater who knows nothing about MMA. And if you're an MMA fighter or champion that doesn't think that GSP is the greatest MMA fighter to ever walk the earth, then you're just jealous or bitter because GSP is supposedly so much better than you.

These people are just crazy.
I agree with this to a large degree (I also think for a lot of these statements, you could sub BJ for GSP and deal with the same problems from their fanbase). I've been very vocal in my support of GSP leading up to the Penn fight and in the "grease-gate" aftermath. However, I take what Matt Hughes said (my favorite all time fighter and the guy who got me into watching MMA) very seriously and believe ALL of it to be true (GSP felt greasy, my theory is it's from the massive - even compared to other fighters - amount of vaseline that is put on his FACE between rounds transferring over to other body parts/fighters in close quarters; I also take Matt at his word when he says he doesn't believe it changed the outcome of fights). The main things that have gotten me hot under the collar on this are the doping allegations (which absent hard evidence I don't believe are fair considering you could level them at virtually any top athlete) and the impugning of GSPs/Greg Jackson's respective characters (don't know either of them, but don't have any reason to doubt their veracity on this either, based on their respective pasts I believe they've earned the opportunity to be taken at their word). Agree with Spirt's post that anyone attacking Matt on this is nuts - if anything, what he said helps GSP considering if he felt like it he could have said he cheated and a lot of us (myself included) would have believed him/at the very least had serious questions of GSP/Jackson. Now let's all move past this and on to more important matters - I suggest the impending beating of Matt Serra War Hughes!
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