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Is GSP the future of the sport? Maybe,I'd say he's the man on the silver mountain in the 170division. Far as him being the heir to Matt not sure wait till he defends the title more twice.
I think every fighter has a set of 'rabid fans' who no matter what think the fighter is the shiznit and can do no wrong.Then theres the fans who are complete opposite and no matter what a fighter does if they dont like him hes always wrong and has excuses..
So, if u speak ur mind all the time ppl think ur a whiner(BJ),and someone who hardly says anything actually says something they get bashed as well...
Is BJ always a dick? I won't say all the time..Is Matt an Angel? I'm sure not always neither...Just ppls perception gets tainted easily by a few incidents or accusations made...Its best to try to shift thru the BS and keep an open mind before flinging insults and accusations...
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