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Originally Posted by bradwright
but not even you could possibly bring GSPs work ethic into question.......
Yes I could...and THATS the dissapointment. He DID work so hard to get to the title, and the same the second time...and then his whole ethic seems to have changed.

Now he injures himself if it will help him long term, and yes, too many to be cooincodence. Now he will cheat to avoid the shame of losing, because it would mean he'd have to put the work in a second time just like before.

I want the old GSP back the one who always tried their best, wasnt afraid to fail, and if they did so, would work and strive until the management are forced to grant another chance.

Getting to the title to soon ruined him...I told everyone it would. I told everyone that the best thing for GSP during Hughes/GSP 2 would have been to go the distance and lose by decision, to prove that whilst this time again he could beat Hughes, he could, this time, hang with and last to the end. It would be an achievement, and one in which with more work he would then succeed and it would have been a legacy in GETTING to the Belt before a Reign, he would have understood that there are no short cuts, and that life only gets harder WITH the belt then without.

But seeing the goal in sight he rushed, he cut corners, and he should have been more careful what he wished for. It came to soon and he cracked in the head, and made a mockery by losing to someone he should have smushed. He might have bounced back, and he might have beaten Hughes in his area of strength during Hughes/GSP3, and he might have beaten Serra again. But its changed him. There is now no legacy of getting the belt, and he's not finishing the people at championship level, and then he cheats on a title unification match.

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