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Originally Posted by Chuck
Again... my only point was that I believe planning out your own funeral is selfish... that doesn't mean it won't be planned nor does it mean that I wouldn't share an opinion... I'm simply saying that a funeral should be geared more to the needs of the living who are left behind to mourn then to the wants of the deceased.

Who says that the wants of the deceased can not be geared to provide for the needs of the living? I, myself, have not planned out my funeral, but I imagine that as I get older, I probably will make some stipulations. For example, I will probably instruct my family to use some of my estate money to purchase Bibles and make them available free to any mourner that wants one. Would that plan be selfish? How is it benefiting me, to the detriment of my neighbor? Chuck, you spouted out an opinion without even waiting for anyone to consider the question and provide reasons concerning why they would make a particular request or plan. You questioned motives before a motive was even offered. You mentioned that your family is all Christian. That is great! However, you were concentrating on your situation without thinking of people in other situations (One could even say that that is the definition of self-centeredness, if one wanted to be unkind). A huge portion of my extended family is Buddhist and a funeral would literally be the only time that they would be open to hearing the Gospel. Please don't attribute selfish motives without hearing people out. It isn't very kind. I think your opinion could have been stated more diplomatically, such as: "I think that planning one's own funeral could easily, if one was not careful, lead to a funeral that did not take the needs of the mourners into consideration."
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